Structural analysis

In order to react on individual requests from ou customers we are now able to design customize seat solutions with a professional 3D software.
The SolidWorks 3D CAD solutions enable us t transform quickly new ideas into real products. As a result we are able to convert the drawings
into any common data format (.IGS / .STEP / .dxf etc. so that our customers can easily integrate our seats into their existing ship design.

The SolidWorks 3D CAD solutions enable us t transform new ideas into real products quickly. The customer gets the chance to create an almost
unlimited number of configurations, together with our design-team.

CAD-embedded SOLIDWORKS Simulation enables our designers  to carry out structural simulation on parts and assemblies with finite element analysis (FEA) while they work to improve and validate performance and reduce the need for costly prototypes or design changes later on.

Structural simulation covers a wide range of FEA problems—from the performance of a part under a constant load to the stress analysis of a moving assembly under dynamic loading, all of which can be determined using the SOLIDWORKS Simulation tools.