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The Jockey Seat

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  • Light weight for easy one man installation (as low as 16kg for complete Jockey system including side grab handles).
  • Less fatigue from 3 axis shock mitigation for reduced whiplash from lateral and fore-aft forces.
  • 316 marine stainless steel and technical plastic (no corrosion).
  • Fully waterproof stretch fit (stitchless) neoprene (UV protected, but do not store in sun).
  • Compact (seat width 330mm).
  • Small footprint (plinth is 238mm x 320mm).
  • Tested 1 Million full 10g impacts (200mm displacement, 100ms).
  • Crash tested to HSC2000 Annex 10 requirements.
  • 200mm Non-linear travel (no weight adjustments needed between 40kg and 130kg).
  • Engineered to accept varying height occupants 155cm – 200cm+.
  • Easily repairable (shock can be replaced in under 2 minutes by one person).
  • Ergonomically engineered EAF (Energy Absorbing Foam) inserts for user comfort.
  • 3 year global warranty on all parts (Zero suspension breakages in 6 years of manufacturing Jockey seats).
  • Lab tested to outperform well known European brand (see test report on website).
  • Various retrofittable upgrades such as 360 swivel, lap belt, side restraints, quick release and sliding plinth etc.
  • The suspension unit is simple and has only 3 unique parts (2 used twice) which means suspension servicing is streamlined.
  • Seats bolt to deck or adapter plate with 8 bolts (minimum).
  • Can be supplied with or without plinth. Recommended seated height 700mm.


Suspended Jockey seat

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Standard ~ 350mm

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CCS 070

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